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Thursday, March 6, 2003

"Welcome to my world, and welcome to the Hollywood Grapevine.

I was hoping to update this site much sooner, but as can occur, the real world, no not the show on MTV, has kept me busy. No complaints on that, and now, onto the 411 in 90210.

I spent a great New Years Eve with Rich and Lisa Palladino, Mike Crockett, Luis Ortiz, John Walters, Vince Vicallo, Big Mike Studd, Billy Kryptonite, Todd Fatpants, and Eric Potpie, Tony Omega, Cherry Pain and Mini. Some were people I've known for a long while, and some others I met for the first time. But rest assured, I had a great time, reliving old memories, and talking about the business, and life, today. When I get the time, I will develop and scan the pictures, for you peeps to enjoy.

Also, major league props to Frankie Kazarian, who recently came off an overseas tour for the WWA, part of which aired via PPV in the United States on 2/9/03. To Jason Rumble, who along with Rocky Reynolds and valet Holly Wood worked with Americas Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm) for NWA TNA. And, speaking of NWA TNA, a couple of weeks ago Slyk Wagner Brown, and Hurricane John Walters wrestled a in a dark match for them. Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention April Hunter also worked on that same show. Continued success to all.

In great news, and memories, I called Bob Backlund up on 2/19 to remind him that the next day was the 25th Anniversary of his first World championship reign. We were able to chat in depth, and catch up on old times, and new happenings. Rest assured, one day I will write a feature article for this site, on the man who has greatly impacted my life, and forever in my eyes will be ‘The Champ.'

We continue to make progress, and things continue to go smoothly as myself, and my partners Webby and Crock head towards pay to play on our internet gaming venture, We've advertised on, and thus far we have been pleased with the results. And as always, Ill keep everyone updated on the progress.

As far as updates to this site, you can see them listed below. To summarize, there are updates to site in the form of this commentary, some features, more pictures, as well as the links section.

Since it has been a bit since my last update, I want to state that I hope you all had a great, and safe, holiday season. Now having said that, I'd like to share some words with you, that were on the card my Dad, the 'Amazing Mister Crow,' gave me for Christmas. To say the words took my breath away would be an accurate description... 'Son, You Will Always Be Loved, A son leaves your home, but never your heart. He follows his own path, but your hopes travel with him. He discovers his own happiness, which in turn, becomes yours. Life changes. Love does not.' Thanks Crow, those words mean a lot. Love, and AMF.

I am also letting everyone know that I was not chosen as part of The Alamo film. But having said that, just as the men who defended The Alamo did their very best, I am proud to say that I did the same here. As I often say, in my life I might have some disappointments, but never any regrets.

And, as seems to sadly be the case with every single update I write, I must mention some great talents who have passed on.

Firstly, related to wrestling, was Curt Hennig, aka Mr. Perfect. He was truly one of the great all around wrestlers ever to step foot in a ring. He had a marketable look, unlimited in ring ability, killer charisma, and awesome mic skills. He also made quite an impression on my gimmick, of which if I were to mention ten people I in many aspects patterned myself after, he would be on that list. Plus, I was able to meet him at a WWE TV taping some years back. Thanks for the memories Curt, they were indeed absolutely perfect.

Secondly, Maurice Gibb, one third of the Bee Gees, aka the Brothers Gibb, passed away, at age 53. I know some might know them best for their Disco music, but truth be told The Bee Gees were so much more than that. The performed many different styles of music, through so many different decades. And they are one of the most prolific song writers of all time. Maurice, his twin brother Robin, and older brother Barry were all part of that. I guess I will sit back, try and smile, and play some of their music. Because that I the legacy he left behind. So to Maurice, thank you for all the memories. And to the rest of the Gibb's, all my love.

And finally, Fred Rogers, from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood recently left us. I, for real, was such a fan of that show when I was young. So from J.Ro, in my neighborhood of Rodeo Drive, to F.Ro, and your neighborhood of entertaining and education people world wide for years, thanks for the memories.

Until next time, thank you for dropping by my neighborhood, and I hope that you enjoy my journey, as I take you down my street, Rodeo Drive."


John Rodeo



Terra Ryzing (Triple H) and manager John Rodeo, circa 1993


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