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JOHN RODEO: Former Professional Wrestling Manager, Current Amateur Stand Up Comedian, Eternal Entertainer
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My name is John Rodeo and welcome to my Official Website. My last name is pronounced Ro-Day-Oh, as in the famous street Rodeo Drive which is located in Beverly Hills, CA, best known as Beverly Hills, 90210. That being said I am actually from Beantown and I live just outside of Boston, MA 02109.

From 1992 to 1999 I worked as a Professional Wrestling Manager. I was trained at the Killer Kowalski Institute of Professional Wrestling. I was blessed to have worked with talent such as Triple H, Chyna, Raven, King King Bundy and many others.

After some years on the sideline, I decided that I missed entertaining. So whereas the late great Andy Kaufman once went from the world of Comedy into Wrestling, in 2006 I pulled an Anti Kaufman of sorts, taking the opposite path, entering the world of Stand Up Comedy.

From the first moment I started doing Stand Up it has quickly become a burning passion of mine. I love the craft of Writing and the rush of Performing. Mind you, my material is not your standard fare and I will be the first to say that I have an unconventional style with unique subject matter. Truth be told it is a reflection of me as it it is my real life sense of humor.

My goal in Life in general and Comedy in specific is simply work on my craft and love what I do. And hopefully others will be able to tell my sincerity and appreciate it, laughing with me or at me, all the while.

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